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Miss Mercurial

I'm just your normal cynical, sarcastic, 135-IQ, wannabe screenwriter-director 19-year-old- Goth girl who loves video games, science fiction, and sewing. Ok, so not so normal. But that's ok- normal is the most vastly overrated concept in the universe. I suffer from regular attacks of Acute Snark, especially when presented with Twilight, Mary-Sues, bad movies, and stupid people. Fortunately, there is no cure. Most important things to know about me:
* I am a certified, qualified, card-carrying nerd/geek/freak of the week. I was raised on Star Trek and Harry Potter, and I've never looked back. I wear my glasses proudly, living by the credo that men who don't make passes at girls who wear glasses aren't worth having.
* I am a feminist. I make no apologies for this.
* I am a Christian, but I respect all other forms of belief. I will never tell you that you are going to Hell because you are Buddhist, muslim, or aetheist- I respect your right to choose your faith, and I recognize the merits of your beliefs.
* I abhor racism, sexism, and homophobia.
* I am a liberal-leaning Independent-pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, anti-Republican asshattery. (I don't like the Democrats, but I despise them a lot less than I despise Republicans.)
And last, but not least:
* This blog is called Miss Mercurial for a reason. On any given day, you will be treated to my rantings and ravings (or wit and wisdom) on a wide range of subjects, including but not limited to clothing and style, snarkings, politics, cats, the merits of sporks (Best. Utensil. Ever.), fangirl squeeing (with tongue suitably in cheek), and Russian literature. You have been warned. Welcome to my mind. Interesting place, isn't it?